Anti-Asian and AAPI Racism Incident Report

As the virus COVID-19 spreads, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are experiencing racial profiling, hate incidents and in some cases, hate violence. Many workers, including in healthcare and service, are now making great personal sacrifices to stop this global pandemic.  Some are enduring the additional stress of increased racism and xenophobia (fear of people from other countries), despite long and deep roots in our community.  Together, we can support each other as we fight this battle and stay united to do our best work while staying safe.

You can report information anonymously. If you do share your name, the Union will not share your personal information unless we have your express permission to do so.

Please provide 2-3 sentences describing the incident.
(News clips, social media sites)
We can only respond to SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members.